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At first, I thought I had a come across a total bargain, as the price of the Samsung cooker and hob was almost £120 cheaper than Currys; but with the experience that followed, I will now always pay the extra.
The website stated 1-2 day delivery so the day after I ordered I called RHL to request they deliver on the Tuesday (would have been day 3). I called 4 times & no one answered, so I sent an email. I got a voicemail the next day saying that should be OK. I then didn't hear anything and Tuesday came & went & the product didn't arrive. I thought maybe it would come the next day and when it didn't, I made another call. I called twice & no one picked up. I sent an email asking someone to call, & they did. I was told they would check up on my delivery and call me back. No one did. I called back later that day; no one answered so I sent an email. I was then called to be told that the courier had lost my package, but they had now found it and it would be with me before lunchtime the next day.
The following day it got to 11.45am and the courier had not been. I sent an email to inform them they hadn't called. In total, I called RHL 23 times (mobile phone records) as well as emailing RHL that day. My calls weren't picked up or the line was busy. I had to send very direct emails to get any response. I was even offered the Courier's number so I could call them myself...
I had workmen arriving the next day to fit a new work surface & the new hob & cooker and needed to know if i should cancel them. I was assured that the product with be with me on the Saturday morning. I insisted it arrive for 9am and was told they couldn't guarantee this.
I called on the Saturday morning & then had to send an email saying it hadn't arrived - this was 9.45am. I received a call at 10.10am & then 10.39am & was told it would be with me for 11am.
Guess what? 11am came and went & the cooker hadn't arrived. I had taken the couriers number by this point and called that number 5 times before I sent a text asking someone to call me. I then became embroiled in an initially rude and wholly frustrating conversation with the Courier who stated that Saturday delivery was before midday & that he would try and 'resolve' my problem. Throughout this I was trying to contact RHL - I made a total of 20 calls, I left two VMs and sent 6 emails and NO ONE called me back. I had to hound and pester the courier myself. In the end a local courier had to be organised to pick up my good and bring it to me. It turns out it had been marked as a before 10.30am Monday delivery.
I requested that RHL call me on Monday morning, so at 10am I received a call & was told they had done everything they could.... Really?! I have NEVER in my life received such an appalling & unreliable delivery service and I would not recommend RHL and I certainly won't be using them again.
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