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distusting experience

One of the WORST NIGHTS of my life the 17th of April thanks to RYAN AIR. Flight from London to Dublin was transferred to Belfast because of wind. Flight was at 9.30 circled Dublin till 11.30 where they then told us we were going to Belfast. Car in Dublin?? Wtf? We were asked to leave the plane around midnight and told buses were being organised for our journey to Dublin that we were to q at the bus stop. So we made our way to exit of the arrivals terminal and found a Q of hundreds of people. Might have been over a thousand passengers. There were two busses full just leaving. So there my husband and I were queuing in the rain and the wind and then we were abandoned. No rep from Ryan air came to find us. No more bus came. Buses eventually came for air Lingus passengers. Then buses came for British air passengers. Over 300 + Ryan air passengers including babies and small children were waiting in the wind and rain with 3 small shelters which were full until five Am when a security guard call us all together and told us there was no buses coming for us and there probably never was to make our own way back to Dublin and we might be compensated for the transport cost. Not offered as much as a cup of tea. RYAN AIR ARE A DISGRACEFUL COMPANY that has no care for their clients and I am appalled that in the current climate they cannot value there customers enough to even make sure we the service paid for (like getting home for example) and to make it worse I had to pay 150 English pounds on a taxi back to Dublin to get home 12 hours late. Lots of people just left there stranded because they had no cash to pay taxi.

Taxi earlier in the night was 120 pound, and the people waiting on a different company behind us said they were being charged 175 pound. To be fair it was almost a 2 hour drive I was nearly surprised that it wasn’t more.

I’m not here to cry the poor mouth or anything like that but we all know how hard a few pounds is to come by at the minute and that money would have been better spent on groceries or other essentials. I think it is extremely unfair that that money had to come from my pocket. One passenger spotted the pilot and hostesses walking through the building and asked him what time we were being flown back to Dublin and the pilot said he had orders to fly back on his own as soon as the wind lightened. Why were we not given the choice to wait until the flight was going back to Dublin?

There were no shops open to get even a drink or something to eat. There were vending machines but as we had not intended to need pounds had left any change we had in a charity box in London. The only open venue was a hertz car hire office which had a q of about twenty people. By the time I got in line after giving up standing in line waiting for a bus in the rain they had no small cars left only large ones with a price of around 120 sterling for the hire of it to drive it to Dublin. The only staff that I could see were two, maybe 3 security guards. when I was walking past them in the middle of the night, one chap said to the other to round up any people with small children so as to put them on the next available bus and the other chap said there was a great chance he might get lynched if he were to do so and would prefer not to. It didn't matter as no more buses came anyway. The security guards did in fairness do whatever they could to keep the situation under control and I was quite amazed that people were not shouting and roaring like animals, they were all very relaxed. I guess they were of the opinion that the situation was being attended to. After giving up on a bus coming at around 5.30 a taxi driver approached us and suggested we get his cab to Dublin, that there would have been a bus leaving Belfast city at 5.30 but we would not have made it to the terminal to catch it anyway. (thanks for the info, little late but I suppose who could blame him for feathering his own nest by taking advantage of the situation) he did say that in his 20 years of driving a taxi for Belfast airport he had never seen such a thing to happen. Not left with much options and with no advice from anyone, no damage control or costumer care, we felt we had very little choice. We asked another woman who had a 2 year old with her if she wanted to share and split the fair 3 ways costing myself and my husband 100 pound sterling. I have no idea if a bus came or not after we left. As I had small children to get home to which were in the care of their aunty who had to be in work for 8 that morning, we couldn't wait any longer.

I cannot believe that there was

1. No Ryan air rep to try to sort out or accommodate their passengers. Didn’t see any from any airline for that matter, maybe there was, really couldn't say for sure.
2. There was no official staff for the airport except 2/3 security guards on hand to direct confused tired and angry passengers
3. There was not even an attempt to open a cafe/shop so people could have access to basic essentials like a drink or a sandwich.
4. That we could be left stranded with no advice on how to even find another way to Dublin such as local buses to city train station or bus stations.
5. That Ryan air could treat their customers so poorly, small children, and passengers with little babies, and there was no amenities for them to make feeds or otherwise.

(To Ryanair management;
The only word I can find for my experience of this flight is” disgusting”. Your company should be ashamed of themselves for the way your passengers were treated on this occasion. If I were you I would seriously be looking into firing whoever is responsible for the disgraceful behaviour of the staff responsible for this travesty of a service. While I understand that your company cannot be held responsible for the weather, I feel that you have a duty of care to your passengers to make sure they get to the destination which was paid for and not just abandoned to hopefully look after themselves. Best of luck to your company in the years to come because now that money is so hard to come by I would expect that consumers will be expecting a much better level of satisfaction than what was shown here by your management.)

As for travel insurance, no we didn't have travel insurance, really didn't feel the need for it, were flying over on 16th and home on 17th so didn't feel need. Didn't even think of it either to be honest.

I have , after hours of research found a no. for Ryanair head office to be told there is no customer care phone number or email address, only a PO box address or a fax number.

Whether I will get a refund remains to be seen, I will of course POST in my receipts as it looks like Ryanair are still living in the 80s as far as modern teck is considered but I have in my mind drawn a line under it that I will have to call it a kick in the behind
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