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Flying with Ryanair: WORST than a KICK to your GENITALS !

I have been flying for many years and, BELIEVE ME, Ryanair is the WORST company you will ever deal with !

Starting from their "SCAM website" where everything is carefully planned so you can misunderstand your choices and pay extra money just for "not-wanted services".


By having studied and working on the Marketing area for over 20 years I GUARANTEE YOU that RYANAIR is using the most SNEAKY & MISLEADING MARKETING TACTICS , trying to sell you not-wanted service or to force you in opting-out useless and hidden extra-charge services.

Everything is intended to make you doing something wrong in their booking process = from misspelling your name (so you will pay 100£ just to change a letter) to force you buying their extra-expensive INSURANCE by HIDING the "no-I-don't-want-it" form option.

BUT wait, after booking you ticket.... the WORST HAS STILL TO COME !

When you are at the airport and it's time for BOARDING... the real NIGHTMARE is going to start !

You will see it in others' people faces.
Especially in families and friends terrorized faces, hoping this time they will have the opportunity to seat together or, just to find an empty space for their hand luggage (which actually they paid for).

And now... it's time for boarding !

Now you must be prepared for the scary LUGGAGE "SIZE CHEK" EXPERIENCE where everything is planned to make you pay the extra 60£, just in case your luggage is only 1 inch larger :-)

At this time, everybody is so STRESSED ANXYOUS and IRRITATED than it would pray not to have bought their Ryanair ticket. But WAIT.... the stress it's not over !

While you are in the QUEUE, extremely under-pressure, hoping the boarding process will be ok... you must also be prepared to face an army of ANGRY and STRICT Hostess.

The Ryanair crew staff is indeed prepared to rip you off for any mistake or extra grams you have in you luggage, trained worst than an army of SS in a German concentration camp !

And , if you are hoping for a smile from them, sorry... FORGET IT !
A Ryanair Hostess will NEVER, EVER, SMILE to you.

Everything is explained in this video where, the "infamous" Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said somethig quite embarrassing about their employees = (click) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfIY24BErBE

So... what's my personal years experience with Ryanair?
I'll tell you in a few words...

Flying with Ryanair is (much) WORST than a KICK to your GENITALS !
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