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Ryanair.... oh god no

We are Scots but live in Oz. We booked online from Edinburgh and received our tickets by email.

Ryanair know that tourists do not carry printers with them.

On arriving at checkin we were told that we should have a PRINTED ticket.

Naturally being travelers we didn't have a printed ticket.

We were told it would cost (not sure but I think it was) 20 pounds extra each to get a printed ticket.

Being a Scot I got a bit heated and said you have to be "b l o o dy kidding". I was told that if I continued to swear I would be arrested and not allowed on the flight.

I kissed the young guys feet and was allowed on the flight.

The flight from Edinburgh to Barcelona was amazing with drunken young female Weegies swearing so badly we were wondering if we had taken a wrong turn to a Billy Connolly concert.

I think the Rynair flight from Turnhouse to Girona (about 70 km from Barcelona) was probably the biggest con we have ever had in 20 years of travelling around the world.

I can't really remember but I think the original price on the internet was something like 47 pounds each in 2010 which was terrific.

They added on a percentage because we booked with a credit card (doesn't everybody?). They naturally added extra for baggage. We knew about this charge but of course Rynair have already worked out that international (sheep) travellers are allowed 25 kilos but they only allow 15 kilos before excess baggage charges kick in. Godnose how much they charge excess but you can be sure they are going to tell you it was in THE SMALL PRINT.

We were so upset about our treatment from Ryanair and the checkin experience that there is no way we would EVER use that company again.

Even if it cost three times the price going with another airline we wouldn't give Rynair the satisfaction of allowing airline authorities to legally allow Ryanair to get away with sharp practice which makes second hand car dealers and real estate agents look like monks.
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