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A bad experience with Santander

Yesterday my online banking was blocked. Reluctantly I phoned Santander’s helpline to unblock it. Their helpline number, 0845, cost me money.
To my horror, a credit agency, Experian, used by Santander has not been informed that I was a Santander customer.
Another excuse came up by Santander fraudulent department was that I recently changed my mobile phone. When I challenged the definition of the word, 'recently', and they said anything up to 3 months.
So, I immediately reminded them that new and better smart phones coming out every few months.
Anyhow, I have got a 123 current account, paying £2 monthly fee.
So it seems that not only I have to pay a regular monthly fee for a current account, but also I need to pay extra phone bill.
However, I have demanded a refund of £2.
The refund of £2 would just cover the cost of phoning their helpline department.
It covers neither the cost of Santander providing a poor service, nor feeling of humiliation, embarrassment and helplessness suffered by me.
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