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Not worth it!! Terrible

Open account for university wanted undergraduate account, promised interest free overdraft.
Gave me wrong account, cancelled my overdraft and gave me charges!! If I had right account would have never happen. Tried to change to right account type, every time I went they said I needed something different.
Would not let me change address, online banking is not convenient to set up and passwords only last for 24 hours because not letting me change address. I am not traveling about 70miles for a passwords.

Went in branch to close account with everything they asked for and told me it was ok no problem
I went visit my family and I get Santander letter saying I am over drawn and charged me fees.
I called up communication between departments are very bad !! Actually no word could describe it !
Had to repeat so many details, slow, long waiting time and
They said there was no proof of me going in to bank to do anything!
If they ask for proof how come, when I have been in they don't give me proof ??

Matter still unsolved I have to keep calling.
I am university student being able to access my student loan and grant when needed is important!
If your where my friend I would show you all the letters sent to me and strongly advise you to got with different bank! This bank likes to give different information each time!
lucky in my university there are people studying law and asking my friend in taking the right action so this doesn't happen to someone like me!

Do not join !!
go with another bank! easy quick, you can change your address as many times as you was at Barclays. You just need to prove you are you and that's it! Banking online with them super easy and great mobile app!
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