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Poor Service on recent experience over last 8 months

Where do I start?
Took out the all singing all dancing packages and have had nothing short of 8 months of misery, ping-pong email tennis, unsatisfactory support and customer service

Mobile phone add on brought my website down after installation and have had to remove it (their engineers inserted the code and amended existing page and global scripts without my authority)

They set this system up with the wrong information 3 times in a row meaning meaningless comparison with competitors who do not exist - at least 6 moths worth of seo reports and monitoring wasted

Producing reports for broken back-links .. when followed through some of the links are still there and active

Can't wait for the curent subscription to be over so that I can remove myself from their directory and have nothing mire to do with them

So many promises and assurances made have been broken .. non of which have they bothered to confirm back in writing, firm resistance in not allowing complants to be escalated higher up the company

we receive emails such as these:
"Sorry for delay in replying. The changes were made in our admin section but unfortunately the report did not reflect this. I am more than happy to add 2 months onto your advertising in the light off the report not reading correctly.
Kind regards

"I fully accept the fact that the report has not read correctly for the reason as follows : two of your competitors URl's were spelt incorrectly, I did change them for you as soon as you informed me and you accepted my offer of a free Touch Local Priority Listing as a gooddwill gesture, unfortunately the second report read incorrrectly but you would not accept my apology despite offering an extension of several months on your products.
Once again I apologise for any mishaps that have occcured, my offer stills stands butunfortunately I will not be authorising a refund

Yet nothing changes ... problems still continued to arise
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