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SCS Hull - Lying Bullies

My partner and I recently went into the SCS store in Hull's St Andrews' Quay.

We Looked at a sofa in which we believed would meet our needs. Whilst deciding on the sofa we were approached by the store manager, whom told us that we would not have to pay the delivery charge, nor pay for the protection on the sofa.

Upon the information we proceeded to complete the paper work with a delightful woman called "Alex" she was new and from America so wasn't entirely familiar with the sales protocol, she was helped through the process throughout the paperwork stage by a colleague, whom we also made aware that we were told, that we had been told that we wouldn't have to pay for delivery or the protection.

She acknowledged this then handed over to Alex to complete the sale. We then signed the paperwork and left the store. Upon returning home, we reviewed the paper work and had in fact been charged for delivery and the protection on the sofa. We then cancelled the finance agreement with Barclays who were very understanding and agreed to cancel the finance for us.

We returned to the store to dispute the matter. The staff (4 of them) then began to try and intimidate us (1 of which was the manager who had told us the delivery and protection would be free) and the manager told us he had not made any such statement and reputed our claims. We then advised them that we had made a new order with CSL and wouldn't be taking delivery of the sofa from SCS. We were then told that if we cancelled our order with CSL that they would waiver the delivery charge. We refused this and were told that we had "no choice and had to accept the sofa" however upon reading the contractual agreement it clearly states "that we will not have any right to cancel the agreement upon receipt of the goods" and since we've cancelled the finance and we're not taking receipt of the sofa we are not contractually bound.

We also called them to make them aware of the contractual terms and could hear the woman on the desk being extremely unprofessional.

The whole thing was based on lies and deceit all in order to make a sale. I personally will not be intimidated into entering to something which I have not agreed to. But a person who maybe more sensitive may have fallen for their bullying tactics and attempts to intimidate with a mass of staff surrounding you.
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    Reply from ScS Sofas

    Hello Kraig,

    I'm sorry to hear this. I will ensure this is passed on to the regional manager to be dealt with internally.


    The ScS Online Team
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