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Great prices and concept but don't expect it to always be easy and a smooth experience.

I've used Seatwave before with no problems but that was a while ago and not sure if I bought a ticket differently back then or what.

The point, is that I bought the ticket fine but then I couldn't download the ticket...

It said it was ready for download so I went to login but no account had been made even though I had set one up when buying the ticket. So after re signing up it came up with my booking.

However I clicked the download link and it just opened the same page. I tried several times with no luck.

I then tried my phone and that looked like it found the direct link but appeared to be 0kb so nothing... although I then I got an email saying thanks for downloading it... but I hadn't.

I then tried a different browser... I was using Chrome and I then tried on Internet Explorer and it worked luckily. This took about 25 to 30 minutes.

I then got down to the venue to be told my ticket had been been refunded, but it was sorted out at the box office ok since I thought to print my my confirmation receipt out... again this took another 15 minutes...

I was pushed for time as it was and all this made me miss 50 minutes of the support acts...

I had have a good time but the hassle did spoil it for me a bit.

PLEASE fix these problems especially the Chrome browser support. This was on a Windows 7 computer.

I'd use the service again but I'm a bit wary of it now. At least I know the work around. Others may not be so lucky. Shame as the first time there was no problem.
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