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Useless delivery. Chocolate teapot useless.

Not sure if they just hire a useless courier service (as per review below) who apparently couldn't find two St. Bernards if they were in the same telephone booth as them or they are just ripping me off. I don't think it's the latter and hope not.

Ordered flowers for my Mum's birthday. Got a text saying problem with delivery. Phone up, can't find her house. It isn't hard. It's now four days later still can't find her house despite explicit instructions on how to locate it and in addition to this my phone number if they get lost (which they didn't use).

People on the phone at the flower place seemed okay and were very apologetic. They did seem like they were pretty annoyed with the couriers. They said they would give me a refund. If that comes through then fair enough but still not good enough. What's the point of ordering something for an occasion if it doesn't get there?

Quote from their site "Your flowers are with our trusty couriers". Pfft.

Next time I will read reviews before I go with a company.

EDIT:Flowers arrived this morning, both lots as they replaced them as the original were no doubt pretty dead by now! I think they phoned the couriers and gave them a well deserved bollocking - this time the couriers bothered phoning and got instructions to find the house - so that's good. I give plus 1 star from the original two. There's no ill intent to rip anyone off that I can see. They also put a money off voucher in and I'm assuming I'll also get a refund so other than the hassle and cost of phoning an 0800 number from a mobby good service from the flower company to be fair to them - couriers need sacking I think.
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