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Serenata Flowers - Flowers, Wine and Truffles... so far 4 days late!

Serenata Flowers ( ) is scam site!

I have ordered flowers, bottle of wine and box of truffles last Friday. It was supposed to be delivered on Saturday... but today is Tuesday and nothing is delivered yet! It was supposed to be birthday present for my grandmother... Birthday has passed, present wasn't delivered and Serenata Flowers are not coming up with anything at all.

Serenata Flowers tried even to say that they have delivered present to my nan but she is lying that she has not received it!!! Shame on you, Serenata Flowers!

Even that I have asked Serenata Flowers, at least 3 times, to call me so we can resolve this, I have not received a phone call even after 4 days.
Serenata Flowers are sticking to emails and not really committing to resolving the issue and an apology about totally ruined birthday occasion is actually out of their grasp! People like this should not be allowed to run any kind of business!

Today is the day 4 of them being late and I am still waiting for Serenata Flowers to call me. I have informed them that I will wait till 10am today and if nothing is resolved by then I will report them.

Do not use Serenata Flowers! It is officially the worst flower delivery that you can choose!
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