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RIP Customer Service

Ohh, I don't even know where to begin on the fantastic service provided by Serenata Flowers! The lack of order confirmation took us off to a grand start. I chased up to confirm my order and was told repeatedly that I had not placed an order. After being made to feel like an idiot after numerious emails from a charming female on their Customer Services team, I even began to convince myself that I hadn't placed an order. After all, they were happy to point the finger and put blame on me ('the order wasn't completed due to lack of input on MY behalf) so maybe they were right.Maybe I was the moronic customer who was unable to place a simple order, that they'd made me out to be! If you're into S&M, this is the company for you, cause they KNOW how to talk down to you and make you feel like you're nothing.
I checked my bank account and found that the value of my order had been deducted from my account. I contacted Customer Services who told me again, I HAD NOT PLACED an order. Morons. This morning, at 7.07am, I get an email from Serenata, telling me that they have located my order and it will be delivered apology, no 'sorry for belittling you and making you feel like an idiot', no opportunity to cancel after their downright DISGUSTING attitude towards me, nothing. I sent a complaint at 7.19AM, no reply. I contacted them again at 10.05AM, and received a reply saying they'd 'not received my complaint'. Obviously, i expected this so i bashed out another complaint to another member of the Customer Services team. Anticipating my reply within the hour (as the response time is clearly stated on their website), I waited an hour. Surprisingly, she has not replied to my complaint, nor the chase I sent an hour later....or the chase that I sent in an hour after that. Four complaints in total now, and not even a hint of 'sorry'.
All in all, an absolutely appalling service from an absolutely appalling company. However, I will continue to keep contacting their diabolical excuse for a customer service team, until I receive an apology.

I've enclosed my final email, just so people thinking of using the company understand exactly why NOT to use them.
"Hi Stephanie,
Thank you for your reply. Although you are trying to build bridges, I feel that two complaints to a Customer Services team is completely unacceptable. Not only those two complaints, one wasn’t even answered and the other took three follow ups from myself and almost FOUR hours for a response. Pretty shoddy, considering your website states that between the hours of 9am-9pm, you will reply within the hour, apart from in peak times. I work in Customer Services myself and I know for a fact that the service I have received from Serenata is not just poor, it is absolutely appalling.
Half the staff i’ve spoken to at Serenata have told me i’ve not placed an order. My emails have not been thoroughly read, with members of your customer service team continuously overlooking the fact that I already know that MM3746444 was a failed order, yet constantly referring back to it.
Not one single member of your Customer Services team has taken the time to treat me with a bit of respect, or even put their hands up and say ’this might be a technical error, wait until tomorrow and we’ll check again then’. Further to this, nobody has acknowledged the complaints I’ve made about your customer service team either.
The amount of emails that I have had to send just to find out I was right all along is absolutely shocking. Further to this, the fact that in all the communication I’ve had with yourselves i’m assuming close to 30 emails on my behalf now, you’ve been the first person to offer an apology - that’s absolutely disgusting.
20% off is not a patch of compensation towards how rude and disrespectful your staff have been to me, but I’d have to be hugely deluded to think that you’d be willing to give anything more back to a very upset customer. That being said, as it’s obviously the ’best’ you can do, I might as well count my losses and accept it. After all, it’s better than nothing. I hope that your Customer Services team learn from this experience though I very much doubt that they will and that maybe you’ll gain a stronger team from it"
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