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So-so experience

I purchased a bouquet of flowers for my wife on our wedding anniversary. I placed the order several weeks before the date. I upgraded to the "deluxe" version and also added a "romantic cake". The flowers were OK in terms of quality, but the bouquet was significantly smaller than I expected from the description, picture and price. The cake was cute to look at but inedible. The experience was not so bad that I would make a complaint, but overall it was quite disappointing and I wouldn't use them again. I buy flowers for my wife regularly, and this product doesn't compare to other services I have used. Just my opinion.


Note that their response comes about 2 months after I wrote my initial review. While providing me with a list of what "should" have been in the bouquet might have been helpful at the time, the flowers are long since gone and there is no way to "check" now.

It is true that I made no complaint to customer services. The reason for this is that I have a very busy life and I have bigger things to worry about and better ways to spend my time than making complaints about a sub-standard bunch of flowers. The product was sub-standard for a deluxe bouquet and instead of wasting my time complaining only to get a "we're sorry you were disappointed", I'll vote with my feet and make my experience known to others.

In short, my response here is simple. If you want to buy flowers for someone, you'll be better served spending a tenner at Tesco or Asda than you will be buying a deluxe product from this company. If you want a deluxe bouquet that is worth the money, go to Marks & Spencer!
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    Dear Jay,

    Thank you very much for your review, it is much appreciated by everyone at Serenata.

    I am really sorry to hear that you felt the bouquet was smaller than expected, I can confirm this arrangement should have contained the following stems:

    2 gyposophelia - million star
    2 lilium - lilium or calvados pink
    5 chrysanthumum - santini-white
    4 rosa - pink 50cm
    4 dianthus / carnation - di st antigua

    If this was not the bouquet received then please accept our sincere apologies! However, I see upon reviewing your order you did not report any issues to our customer service team where the issue could have been investigated fully.

    I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards
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