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Rubbish !!! Dont bother - read on.

If it was possible I would give minus one star. Can you afford to have your car messed up?
I booked a service and MOT Simple you would think. So I went to SERVICING STOP, the Dragons Den thing. Find them on line…
Type your reg. into the box and it will tell you what it should cost “ Servicing Quote” it says, not servicing guess.
So in I went “hook, line and sinker” as they say.
£130.00 for the service and £35.00 for the MOT – GREAT I thought – a “hassle free” service – must be better than [External reference].

Qoute – “We are certain to have a quality local garage near to you”. From Oxford to Maidenhead I felt was not too near – 35 miles away. I was informed the evening before collection but I thought “well I can’t back out now”.
The driver will be there to pick your car up between 08:00 and 10:00 I was told. I received a phone call at 09:27 to ask if the driver can pick up the car. He arrived just before 11:00.
Then the sting in the tail of the Dragons Den – The dreaded phone call:
Additive to the oil – NO
Additive to the fuel – NO
Air filter needs replacing – Like heck – I had checked this two days before. £35:76p
Pollen filter – NO. £55:08p
God anything else?
Brake fluid needs changing – NO. £54:00p
Brake shoes and disks need renewing – No. £ 1,000,000 probably NO NO NO NO
OK could you pay the bill on line. This is the electronic way to make things simple. Yes ok!
Then another sting in the Dragons Tail. Another phone call – I hope you’re keeping up with this. We can’t pass your car through the MOT because the rear brake pads are below the 1.5mm limit. That will cost £101 or there abouts.
I’ll do it myself.
So they returned the car back nice and early. Thanks!
I went around to my local - brilliant may I say – car parts shop. [External reference] in Girdlestone Road and bought a set of pads off the shelf. £14.99p and proceeded to fit on Saturday morning. An hour later fitted and working – GREAT.
As I was removing the pads, though, I noticed that they were rather less worn than reported. Only more than double the legal depth being 3.5mm to 4mm. I was rather perturbed to say the least. I therefore phoned the garage “MIADENHEAD AUTO CENTRE” and explained the situation. The reply came back “have you checked the inner one” by this I expect the inner one is the pad near the centre of the car. I exclaimed “I have them in front of me on my desk – all four that is” After a retuned phone call 10 or 15 minutes later I was asked to bring the car back in. “To Maidenhead”? I replied. “I should receive compensation for fuel” I suggested. We could pick the car up Monday was the reply. This still didn’t answer the fuel for 70 miles of travel. So I suggested that it would be preferable to for me to drive the car over today Saturday which was agreed.
On arrival I was attended to by a very nice chap who looked at the pads and repeated the bit about the inside pad. I said that there they are – all four and they are all 3mm to 4mm. He asked to check the car which he saw that the pads had been replaced. He then presented my with the pre-printed MOT certificate. Which I hasten to add – should have be given in the first place. He told me the mistake was made because they can’t take the wheels off the car so the mechanic couldn’t see the pads correctly. I asked if he had ever heard of an inspection mirror and torch to no reply. How on earth can a measurement be taken when the object can’t be seen? I asked about the compensation for my fuel and he said “I have £7 in my pocket” then holding it out. I said well that will help out a bit. Thinking a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush.
Service £130:00
MOT £35:00
Additives ?
Air filter £35:76
Pollen filter £55:08
Rear disks £248:84
Brake Fluid £54:00
Brake pads £101:00
Fuel £21:00
Estimated cost of the service & MOT
SERVICE & MOT £680:00 Oh! And £6:00 cash back £674:00.
I think Dragons Den need to invest in a printing machine – to print MORE money.
I’ll find somewhere else for my next service and so will my wife for her car.
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