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$1500 euros in damages, no refund

I used seven seas worldwide for two for air, the other for sea, after losing my contract they asked me to resend it 7 times, because they couldnt open the 2.3mb attachment (come on guys!), after speaking to numerous reps i was informed my shipment would be delayed, because of their mistake.

My air shipment arrives.......they managed to deliver my desktop computer in pieces. I decided to ask an expert, to inspect the damage.
Verdict: It must have been dropped from atleast 10m, in order to get the damage it did. It has cost me $1500 euros to replace this high-end gaming machine.
When I approached the agents, i was told there would be no insurance and therefore no coverage of my damage, mind you it took weeks before i even got a response from them.


I also had a sea shipment, which arrived today....they lost a not kidding, they lost a box....they are paying out 150 euros for a lost box, when its contents are worth 785 euros! I have therefore sought legal advice, but in the meantime i do not recommend this company to anyone.....if your thinking about it....then dont, save yourself the time and the loss.
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    Reply from Seven Seas Worldwide

    Hi Rogier,

    Firstly, we're extremely surprised and saddened to hear about your experience! Thank you for highlighting this to us. We are investigating the claims you have made in your review and will be in contact shortly.

    Thank You,

    Seven Seas Worldwide Customer Care
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