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This company is absolutely shocking - avoid if possible

I have never dealt with such an unpleasant and unhelpful company. I wish I had chosen somebody else and will briefly summarise my experience.

They start off with high prices that are heavily discounted to make them enticing. Who do they think they are to charge £18000 for two cupboards and some drawers?!?! - Even discounted to £8000 this is VERY expensive for the quality delivered.

They do an assessment and sketch the design but do not put any scale on the drawings, so when it looks completely different to the drawing you dont have a leg to stand on. I appreciate doing it to scale would be very time consuming, but at least make an effort as some dimensions were a factor of two out!

When they come to install they are quite friendly which is good. They can tweak the odd edge to improve the design but generally the kits provided are quite inflexible. When the workmen leave they do not tidy up:
Wood dust left all over the place
Stickers left on the wood
Chipped edges on the cheap veneer
Very wonky cuts that do not match the wall and have to be filled with polyfiller

If you have a concern or question you have to speak to their customer services department who are the worst thing about this company. They are rude, unhelpful and very uncompromising because they think that customers are always wrong.

Be very wary of using this company as they are a complete rip-off for the quality of the work! Friends have recently used alternatives such as Hammonds or Avanti Kitchens and Bedrooms and they are in another league.
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