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1st class service

was sold on the idea of having our bedrooms fitted with tailored units so went and saw the lady at sharps.
Really taken with the patterns that were subtle but had prescence.
Had them measured and awaited the day for them to be delivered. You can not imagine the feeling of absolute despondancy we experienced when the materials were delivered! Ther wer marks on the laminate, poor packaging, the wrong size alcoves with all the panels looking grubby and poorly finished.
The delivery guys said all was well and that none of it would show once fitted.
The fitter arrived next day and we shared our concerns with him.
He listened carefully and suggested two courses of action,
stop the fitting and have the area manager around to discuss what can be done, or go ahead with the fitting.
We went with option 1 and had a visit from the area manager who was not in the least defensive and immediately suggeste we went through all of our difficulties and concerns so that he could correct all the issues straight away.
He ordered all repacement parts where any were not of a sufficient stadard and authorised the fitter to order any subsequent parts that were needed to get the job done right.
Between the manager and fitter we had a team of concerned representatives who wanted to give us the best job possible - and they did!
Well done to sharps for having and supporting such responsible guys to ensure that we the customer got a superb pair of bedrooms.
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