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Very poor management of on-line sales

Dear [Name removed]/ Sigma Sport,

Despite having mentioned this in my previous emails to you/ Sigma (04/01/13 & then again when no reply again on 08/01/13), I never received any notification of a refund of the amount of GBP 30.65 for the CO2 devices that could not be shipped - because it never happened despite my two reminders!

Similarly I never received any account from Sigma (requested 09/01/13) to explain the additional charge of GBP 45.41, which had simply appeared out of the blue as a PayPal request on Sigma's behalf (09/01/13). Nonetheless I had paid it straight away to facilitate your processes.

I thought it best to wait until the goods arrived to sort this, hoping that your included invoices would clarify your accounting and charges. They didn't, but just as well I waited....

The order arrived as one package on Tuesday 15th Jan. The 2012 Calendar was not in the package, despite having been invoiced. This was a brand new development.

It has taken me an hour or so to reconcile the totals of the final Invoices #112547 (for Order No. 20350749 of 28/12/12) & #112548 (for Order No. 20350144 of 25/12/12) with the original orders and the subsequent order adjustments, PayPal payments and final statements & invoices. This would have largely been unnecessary if proper updates & invoices had been forwarded by SigmaSport as adjustments occurred.

The results are:

1) There remains an OUTSTANDING REFUND TO ME of GBP 30.65 for not providing Proflate ELite & Microflate CO2 Inflators as per original order #20350749 - as highlighted in my emails of 04/01/13 & 08/01/13

2) Please provide a FURTHER REFUND TO ME of GBP 22.99 for failure to include the Calendar 2013 in the shipped package.

3) Please provide an INVOICE for the additional amount ALREADY PAID (promptly on 09/01/13) BY ME of GBP 45.41.

As you would gather, the inability of Sigma to provide timely, updated and correct invoicing, and then to "short" the order anyway, has been very tedious.

It might be worth a look at one of the German on-line cycle retailers which seems to manage these running adjustments and refunds quite seamlessly, with 48 hourly clear and detailed updates as items are being sought/received, and substitutions and refunds being made when items turn out not to be available from stock or suppliers.

Finally, could I point out that your shipping charges are quite high considering the value of goods being ordered, and the performance from order to despatch was quite poor (essentially 2/52), despite my prompt and detailed replies & payments.

I had previously been impressed with SigmaSport when [Name removed] managed to get me through the failure of payment systems for an order earlier in December.

However, the handling of these latest two orders would make me reluctant to use your services again, which would seem a shame as you offer many goods of interest (although I note that many are out-of-stock even when checking on-line availability). I think it is very poor to not provide invoices or refunds as requested, and then the missing item really just makes it all quite unacceptable.

I await your response and repayments,


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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