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Good website, fast delivery, good quality product (apart from laptop's trackpad), but Customer Service Reps sadly make you feel like you are an annoyance when you speak to them.

- good level of detail and good product pictures
- fast delivery
- good product condition (generally)

- the laptop's (Acer) trackpad is overly sensitive, keeps clicking on things whilst hover over the screen, nearly deleted important files accidentally (not sure if it is fixable or a hardware problem)
- choice of products could be bigger
- prices quite high, considering the manufacturing price they could sell them much cheaper
- long check-out process
- the Customer Service Reps make you feel very rushed on the phone; they answer the questions butmake you feel like they really cannot bebothered to speak to stupid you (maybe not their fault if they are paid more for short conversations, the management should improve the incentives)
- free delivery (says 5 days) is fast enough (arrived in 2 days), so don't let them fool you into picking the extra fast one as most probably they will use the same delivery service, so it's a waste of money and for them extra profit without even doing anything different
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