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You get what you pay for ... thats why they're the cheapest

UPDATE - In true style the phones speaker has stopped working! I'd rather pay to have it repaired than send it off to them to be dealt with. Be very wary of the 'invoice' they send you. My insurance company won't recognise it as its got no VAT number, IMEI or any other details you would expect from a 'real' company.

I ordered a HTC Hero from Simply Electronics just due to the fact that they were the cheapest option at the time.
They stated that it would be 1-2 days delivery however I quickly found out that this is once they have dispatched the item which can take up to 5 working days. I though they might be quicker than that but I ordered it on the Friday and they eventually dispatched it on the following Friday.
When it arrived it looked the business, exactly as I expected. It wasn't until I started using the phone that I noticed the Android market software was missing. A long story short ... the phone is a Asia model of Hero never designed to be used in the UK. The down side of this is that there is no market software on it and I can't download the UK operating system to be put on it as the serial number won't let me.

I contacted HTC and they told me that the phone is not designed to be used in the UK and to return it to the seller....

The result now is that I have managed to get the phone working using methods shown on the internet which are to say the least 'risky' to the phone. Simply Electronics deny that the phone is not a UK model even though it came with a 2 pin plug and a dodgy 2 pin adaptor.

The help e-mail address takes 2 days to get a reply and then they don't even answer the questions you ask, just give you some generic answer avoiding the question you've asked.

My suggestion is to stay well clear ... I've learnt my lesson the hard way. Would clearly say I would NEVER use them again to buy anything that is unique to the UK market.
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