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Camera and lens arrived - eventually. Useful customer support tho'

I ordered a Panasonic compact (TZ10) and a Canon-fit Tamron 18-270, both claimed to be 'in stock' and delivered 'in 2 - 5 days' on the 6th May.

After a week with nothing other than "processing" appearing on my account on the website I began to feel twinges of uh-oh! And so I did some research on the net, to find all sorts of wild accusations and claims which both alarmed me and intrigued me in equal measure!

About this time the £600 or so quid was taken from my bank, so I thought good-oh, any day now. Nope. Sent a couple of mails more, always getting a polite, lucid, focussed reply within the time they say, if not actually more quickly. I also telephoned, and found a helpful lady - though ultimately powerless to DO anything.

After nearly 2 weeks I was offered the opportunity to cancel and to be refunded (a state of affairs that appears to take ages too, according to other threads) - BUT as I was intrigued and not really in any hurry for the items (and NOT, I must say, reckoning that this was a scam) I decided to persevere and wait, firstly to see if they did arrive and secondly to see how long it would take.

And so it was with delight that an email arrived saying the parcel had been consigned via DHL on 17th June - 6 weeks after order.

I tracked it via DHL and saw it arrive at Heathrow from Hong Kong, even although the company says it is based on Isle of Wight!! I then watched as my stuff traversed the UK, before finally 4 days later (thanks DHL) it was marked as "out with courier for delivery".

Yippee - now I'll see what I get, I thought. Nope - no-one arrived. This started a chain of calls to DHL... ..."driver's sick", "agency driver" and so on for another 4 days. DHL staff were OK, but again powerless. Mobiles dont work up a Welsh mountain so the agency driver was uncontactable. I began to get growly (grrr grrr) and was promised a morning delivery - and at 5.15pm my bits arrived. YESSSS.

The order was as ordered, well packed, - and oh, yes, I'd had to pay some vat or duty when at DHL (that they'd not really explained - all present and correct, except for the guarantee being underwritten by Simply, and not through the manufacturer. I dont understand this, actually, but I dont feel like trying to find out.

I have my stuff. It took 7 weeks to arrive, for stuff which is readily available, and that strikes me as really awful management at Simply. Perhaps they are snowed under, after all they are the cheapest by a long way - and they send by airmail that normally costs about £40 to £50 from H-K.

I'd love to get in amongst them and get the systems working better - what a challenge!!

SO - my kit arrived. It works. It was cheap. BUT - took 7 weeks and they had my dosh for 5 weeks before sending. No scam here then, just really crap business systems. Pleasant staff (who were delighted that I stuck with it!!)

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