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Security, or just excuses to not send my tablet?

I was quoted 7 to 11 working days until delivery of the tablet computer. Within minutes the funds had been taken from my account. After 7 days Simply Electronics e-mails to say they want to complete extra security checks. Having signed up at the site and been through the Visa Verified process to confirm my identity, Simply Electronics suddenly decides checking that I have a gas bill in my name is better security than the millions spent on security by Visa.

If you have a scanner, plenty of utility bills in your own name and time to jump through pointless security hoops after the promised delivery date, then you can save a few pounds and go with Simply Electronics.

I've asked for a refund. Who wants to bet I'll get the money back as quickly as they took it?

UPDATE 19/02/13:
I received my tablet from Google today. I ordered it yesterday. Simply Electronics, please take notes from Google on how to run a business. I also got an email from Simply Electronics saying my refund has been processed, but it has taken longer to come than it has taken Google to completely fulfil the order!
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