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Horrible company - do not use

I ordered a Lg Nexus on the 30th of May. I expected shipment within 7-14 days. After 20 working days I emailed them and they promised me it would be dispatched the following week.
It was of course not dispatched and i cancelled my order. I kept confirming that I do in fact want to cancel, but they just ignored me and dispatched it two days after my cancellation.
I notified the courier company that I had cancelled the order as soon as i received the tracking number, so it was never shipped. But now they are trying to convince me that their attempt to recall the order was too late.
UPDATE: They have replied and told me that they cannot give me a refund until the order is in their depot. Which could take up to 2 weeks. Which is ridiculous considering that they had sent me an email after dispatch of my order saying that I would receive the order (from the USA to Europe) in 1-2 working days.
Apparently this company will stall with your order and then with your refund.
Avoid it at all cost!

Regarding Simply Electronics' reply:
I do not think the parcel can be held in customs because I INFORMED DHL ABOUT MY CANCELLATION (and told them not to ship it) as soon as i had received the tracking number and BEFORE THE PARCEL HAD BEEN SHIPPED from the USA.

UPDATE: more than 2 weeks after my cancellation there is still no word of a refund
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    Reply from Simply Electronics Ltd.

    Dear David,

    Could you update the order number to Trustpilot customer services so I can review your order with us.

    I will look into it thoroughly with my team and see what we can do to assist you if your concern is still unresolved.

    I am aware that some parcels were held by customs. As far as I know there were some complications with the invoice related.

    With your order details, I would be able to divulge further on your behalf.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Vanessa Carroll
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