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SCAM ! They sell tickets with NO luggage allowance...UPDATED

So if you buy a Sky Tours ticket, be aware they have a great scam going, they refer to an "error in the system" but they leave you hanging - and picking up the cost.

While Sky-Tours books you a ticket they use fare codes with no luggage included. They swear blindly there is luggage included but the airline says not.

Virgin Australia assures me that Sky Tours knows full well there is no luggage allowed on my booking. Sky-Tours originally said there was, when cornered they say it's a "mistake on their system", but I have to pay the $40 plus tax to add a suitcase to my booking when I go to the airport.

Sky-Tours refuses to take it up with the airline.

So hardly a recommendation, not only can you not trust what they sell you - they say they cannot trust their own booking system. What's more they don't care - whatever mess you are left with they refuse to fix.

Don't use Sky-Tours, bad service, scam pricing, less than honest.

UPDATE: Skytours ADMITS they gave the wrong Info but they now blame Virgin Australia for that info, as a travel agent they know how restrictive booking codes work, but the big thing is once these guys get your money THEY REFUSE TO FIX THE PROBLEMS THEY CREATE. Everyone giving a poor review on Trustpilot they try to have to review blocked, they have blocked me from commenting in their Facebook page because they don't want you to see complaints. On Trustpilot, look at the pie chart, around half happy, half not. Don't make the same mistake I did, these guys suck, maybe in Germany getting ripped off is OK, I doubt it, but in the English speaking world this is a ripoff. I have no doubt they knew I would face extra charges at the airport. The fact is their booking system doesn't show the buyer just how restrictive it is, you find out for yourself the hard way. It would have been cheaper in the end to do this myself. I feel ripped off, Skytours admits fault but refused to help after taking my money. It's a Rip-Off!

Reputable airlines and our companies should block Skytours from selling their product, in my case and in recent other comments on Trustpilot (that skytours tried to block) the airline is said to give far more help than Skytours does - so why would airlines let them sell their tickets if they just create more problems for them, and then blame them too ???
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    Reply from Sky-Tours

    Dear Sir,
    May I ask you to use a proper language ?
    You have purchased a ticket from Virgin Australia which operates as a Low Cost Carrier in Australia. Their cheapest tariff (Saver Light) does not give any luggage allowance if you are not one of their Frequent flyer Members.
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