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Terrible ... Where is my ticket?

I reserved a ticket from cairo to LA on the 21st of feb & payed via my credit card & then u sent me an email that u need the authorization mumber . I tried calling you many times & i dont know where to send u the authorization mumber to confirm that i am the owner of the card & till now i didnt get my ticket ?!!
If i am not getting my ticket , Where did my money go ??
What's wrong ?!!
Please andwer me ?!!
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    Reply from Sky-Tours

    Hello Mr Khaled,
    I can't understand why you could not send us your authorization number via support instead of asking them where to send it.

    Also our customer support send you this message on 22nd of February and we still have not received needed proof.
    At this time your ticket is not issued and your reservation will expire.

    Dear Mr Abdelrahman

    Thank you for your message. We reserved the amount for this purchase on the Credit Card you submitted.
    However he automated control system of the Bank flagged this Credit Card as possible misused.
    The Internet is facing extensive misuse of Credit Cards for the moment and for both your and our security, our bank requests more documentation before we are allowed to issue your ticket(s).
    If you are the rightful owner of this Credit Card please be so kind and provide us per fax, per email or via this support system copies of the following documents:

    - Passport or picture ID
    - Back and front of the Credit Card.
    - Download and sign this authorization document:
    our Email Address:
    or as attachment here via this customer support system
    or by fax:(USA): (1) 877 279 5756

    Thank You for Your Cooperation
    SkyTours Ticketing Department
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