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Shocking! Is this a scam?

My elderly father booked an airline ticket on the 5th February. Sky-Tours debited his credit card for AU$684.02 on 5th Feb.

Sky-Tours sent him a confirmation on 5th Feb saying reservation successful, in queue for issuance.

No ticket has been supplied. No response has been received to my father's emails through Sky-Tours customer service link. Until Sky-Tours shut him out from even trying to contact them again.

The phone number he found did not work.

It is absolutely shocking to treat elderly people this way.

I would advise people not to use this company!
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    Reply from Sky-Tours

    the ticket has been issued on 5th February, 2 confirmation emails have been send to our email address given.
    Please go to our Web our web site, enter your booking number 4XF72U and your last name but as you entered a Title you have to enter the name like this DRROSENS........(name not fully entered for security reason) than you will see both your itinerary and e-ticket. The number of your e-ticket is 5122727395644.

    We do not send paper tickets, all tickets are electronic tickets, available online!

    I just wonder whom you called or send a message, there is no support request logged. We do not cut off people, we try to assist them as good we can, however if we don't receive the message we can't help.
    For further requests please contact us on: but please enter your booking number for faster respons!

    The Australian phone number is forwarded to our Customer Support Center in Manila
    and we receive calls out of Australia every day.

    I am sorry that you felt left alone, but all is okay - just have a nice trip!

    Thank You!

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