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You can pay but not with any card

The prices are good and the booking process is simple, but I was not able to pay with a Philippines' BDO Debit Mastercard nor with an UK's Barclays Debit VISA.

Luckily I had a Spanish ING Direct VISA credit handy... which worked!

e-tickets take a while to be issued as the process requires manual intervention.

The only part that remains a bit shady is the allowed luggage, which is not mentioned anywhere. Maybe it'll be mentioned on the e-tickets I have not got yet?
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    Reply from Sky-Tours

    Hello Joan,
    So many different Credit Card and so many countries -lol- No wonder you run into problems!
    Among many other things which are checked by the Online Credit Card Security system, the system finds out from which County your card is and which address
    you have used. If the address differs, they deny authorization.

    Your Spanish Card worked fine, as you gave us your Spanish address of course!
    That's why we tell our clients to give the address where your bank statement goes to.

    The ticketing, is done manually by a real Travel Agent which confirmes first that all is okay. First than we issue the ticket, generally within 3 hours. Sometime when we have a backlog or on weekends it can take up to 18 hours (See our FAQ's)

    As I could see, your ticket has been issued jut in time.
    Thank You for Your puchase and Greetings from Barcelona!

    .....and you are welcome to increase our star level at least to 4 - I think we deserve it :-)
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