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Thank you so much for the immediate action,I have the e-ticket now.I also thank kaye for the baggage information she told me thru online chat.Thank you..I will surely book with you again next time
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    Reply from Sky-Tours

    Hello Mrs Honda,
    I am so sorry that you still have not received your e-ticket number. Its seems to be a bug somewhere and our developers are working on fixing this right now.

    We have issued your ticket already on the 19th of March.

    As your reservation has been done via a third party Central Reservation System you can retrieve your e-ticket as well here on that web site:
    Just enter your booking number, your last name and later your email address and you will both see your reservation, your e-ticket among other interesting information around your destination.

    I am very sorry, If our support team would have been alerted we would have been able to assist you quicker.
    Thank you for reporting this problem to us.
    kind regards
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