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need contact

Hi Willy tried calling again today, same thing and left a message. I did however receive a text on my mobile from someone by the name of 'janettesky' which I couldn't reply back to. I may as well ask my question here... I'm looking at booking the following flight on your website. 16 Aug 2013 Vienna to New York (via London) for $499AUD. I only need the London to New York section though, not the Vienna to London section. If I check in at London will this be ok? and I will forfeit the previous Vienna to London section. For some reason it works out much cheaper than trying to book a London to New York fare on your website. I look forward to your response. Thank you.
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    Reply from Sky-Tours

    Hello Erol.
    My answer to your question is NO. If you don't commence your flight in Vienna the airline will cancel your entire booking. Their price from London may be more expensive than out of Vienna as from Vienna its a 1-stop flight and from London a non stop flight. That's why they offer a cheaper fare out of Vienna.

    Yes Janette tried to call you back many times and tried to contact you via Skype as well.
    Here is what she wrote to me:
    As per checking my call history, +61280113820, I can't find his number. Almost everyday, we are receiving lots of calls and some of them are also overlapping that's why I am also sending them messages for them to know that I have acknowledge their call. I also think that maybe his call took place outside office hours.
    I apologize on this. I will call him now and attend to his needs.
    Hoping for your consideration.
    Thank you,
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