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Dear all,
how it was happened that you offered me hated baltic airlines? I pushed
the button Turkish airlines and orederd this option! I can assume your
interest for selling such almost bankrupted baltic airlines! Amazing,
I'm not going to assume this fact and nobody would press on my dignity.
How I can now explain myself such odinary deceit?
I insist on any possible and impossible change back to my selected
option Turkish airlines!
From Rome via Riga -- no, I'm still in my mind!
I wait proper answer and pointed options for changing.
If you are thinking about all as total stupidity, you are wrong.
OLGA IVASHCHENKO totally disagree with number, airlines, this is not my
ticket it's yours.
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    Reply from Sky-Tours

    Dear Mrs. Ivashchenko,

    thank you for your message. We can see that you opened a support ticket for this request already, this has been answered and our customer support will help you where possible.
    After checking in our reservation system, we confirm that the flights that have been issued are exactly the ones that you have confirmed ( maybe by mistake ) in our website. Our system is not able to change your order without your authorization. Please refer to our customer service help for any possible change or refund available for this ticket.

    Thank you,

    Best regards

    Elisabeth C
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