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Bad communication, excellent prices!

I had an issue but it was resolved, It is inconvenient that the only source of communication is via email or online and there is nobody available to pick up the California number. In the end my ticket was produced and I saved some money compared to competitors.
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    Reply from Sky-Tours

    Dear Sir

    thank you for your message. It is not Skytours who make the decision whether to ask for more documentation or not. It's the automated Credit Cards fraud prevention system of Visa and Master Card who forces us to ask for more proof. This is not done to disturb you, its for all Credit Card holders security.

    For some reasons we will not post here, your booking triggered their alert. After you have given us the needed information we were able to issue the ticket but after checking the emails you have sent us, only 2 of the 5 requested documents have been sent only. As advised, this is for your security and ours and if none of the conditions are not met, we cannot issue your ticket.

    We apologize for the inconvenience your encountered but please, note that your booking is NOT cancelled and we never confirmed it was.

    One again we are sorry you felt like this, we would have loved just issuing the ticket without any disturbance to you. If you still need this ticket please follow the instructions received by email and we can issue your ticket in minutes.

    Kind regards,

    Customer Support
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