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Terrible customer services!

Sky famously do not value existing customers, especially those on top packages!

I was a customer with sky for over 3 years, paying £80+ a month for sports, movies etc. I got fed up that my mum, who pays about £30 a month kept getting 6 months free sports/movies flyers and I didn't, so I decided to cancel.

I completed the online form to request that my contract was terminated because I don't like to phone the call centre due to the price of the calls.

After completing the online form, I almost immediately received an automatic acknowledgement of my request stating I would receive a personal reply within 72 hours. A week and a half later, I received an email requesting my availability so someone from sky could call me. I replied with four separate dates outlining my availability. These slots came and went and no call was made.

I then received a further email, which was still within the timeframe of my slot availability previously provided requesting further availability times. I almost immediately replied and provided a further five time slots of availability, two of the slots being full weekdays.

These days came and went and I still didn't receive a reply, so I registered a complaint. That evening, I received a reply saying my sky would be cancelled.

I never once spoke to a human, other than a short, stroppy email stating my sky would be cancelled. Sky couldn't be bothered to call me so I got the impression that they didn't value me as a customer. OK, I am one customer, but no doubt there are lot's more like me who sky also don't value.

Awful company! A month later, I'm now £80 a month better off without sky and not missing it at all!
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