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Worst Customer Service EVER! No structure, No organisation!

I have been with Sky for 3 years. My contract was for 1 year.
2 years later the box had a problem, we had to restart every day for it to work. Not possible to record or do anything other than watching.

I called them and they said 65 pounds for an engineer to come. Well leave it I'll restart every day I said.

So now that I called to cancel because I am moving home - They canceled 1 month early!

I called back to tell them to put it back on. And here is the joke:
Every day after the service was cancelled, for 3 days, they called me to see how my move was going. Instead of how my service is going!

So now 5 days after they messed up, I am on chat, unable to call, and trying for hours to solve this, and the service is still not up. But wait - for them it shows that it works!

Go figure! So I do not recommend Sky for anyone and for anything, unless you are looking to spend hours on the phone, and most probably you will pay for it cause your line doesn't work..

Good luck!
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