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After 3 + Week, still have not got my stuff - Incorrect information on the web site.

Placed an order for a t-rebound tennis racket on 14/4/13, still haven't recived not.

The website stated 4 days delivery, but few days after I placed the order and email stated the ETA is 25/4/13, which is already doubled the delivery time on the website.

Then after the 25/4/13, chase the order with them, they stated there is no stock and no ETA for the delivery. As if any of the other model of the t-rebound is available as all the them stated is 4 days delivery. Their reply is NO.

1. They NEVER contact you for the update until you start chasing the order.
2. The website still stated the delivery time is 4 days with is a LIE. They know already there is no stock and no ETA, why they don't update the website? They try to get your order first and then tell you there is no stock. Not sure how many people already fallen into the same trap.

With this experence, and they still not sort it out, I don't believe I will come back again.
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