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no delivery - bad excuses - no customer service

First and last time using this company
After using Monster Supplements and for years I made the mistake of using this company - even if there was a payment problem(which I doubt there was) they should have taken my call and made a point of fixing the issue.

I placed my order August 31st
Paid by PayPal
Received email Sep 5th from

Dear Charlie,

It appears your order on has not been successful.

The PayPal payment has either not been made successfully or the card payment has been unsuccessful.

If you would still like to order this product, please log back on and reorder - making sure payment is confirmed on the PayPal page. If the payment has been made by credit card please make sure the card details are correct.

Kind regards,

Customer Service Team

The payment obviously went through - unless Paypal took my money and didn;t pass it to them.
I called them three times - each time they could not put me through to anyone and no-on eever called back.

Going to Paypal Resolution Centre as we speak.
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1 Month and still no delivery

Ordered protein shake from Sporting Supplements on 7th July 2011, after 2 weeks I still hadn't received the product so I sent an email, 2 days after the email I hadn't received a reply so I rang them (3p per minute), I was told there was no one available to speak to me and was told to leave contact details which I did. 2 days after the phone call no one had got in touch so I rang again, exact same response again. I sent another email, no response again. Rang them again, this time they said they were experiencing exceptionally high volumes of trade but they would treat my case as urgent and would get in touch asap. Never got back in touch so I emailed them again, no response again. Rang them again and was told the same thing again. So, 1 month, 4 phone calls and 3 emails later all I have to show is my bank statement showing I paid £45 for something I never received. I've decided that from tomorrow I'm going to ring twice a day until I either get a refund or I get the protein shake. Cheers Sporting Supplements.

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Nutritional & Sports Supplements & Bodybuilding Supplements inc Sports Nutrition at Cheap, Discount Prices. Monster Myprotein Maximuscle Health

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