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Broken policy/fake Management worker with atitude problem

purchased an item from your store in Bolton Town centre on Thursday 5th July 2012, which does not fit me.
I returned to the store on Saturday 7th July 2012 (Unit 5, Victoria Plaza, Bolton, BL1 1RD) and waited in a queue for over 10 minutes while staff where just ignoring customers and just standing around not bothering to serve anyone.
When I was eventually spoken to, I was told I would now have to go upstairs for and queue at the tills there for a refund.
I queued for another five minutes to speak to someone about my refund, which was refused.

At 13:24 on Saturday I asked to speak to the manager and explained to him that the Adidas Top I had bought from the store was supposed to be a size small (s) but is way too large and it cannot possibly be a size small, as I am wearing the same brand top that day which fits.

I had also measured it the night before and the item I bought is definitely not a size small (s) to which the manager replied that it is not company policy to give out a refund.
I was not happy with this and explained that the item in question is not fit for purpose as the sizing in the label must be incorrect, and there is nothing else I want to exchange it for therefore I would like full refund.

The manger again refused, quoting company policy to which I said I know my statutory rights, and will contact Trading standards and the BBC Program Watchdog about this breach of my statutory rights.
He still refused and gave me a complaints form which is a faded photocopy so I can hardly see the writing on the complaints form and when he gave it to me he smiled and said “good luck “ sarcastically. I then asked him for his name so I can write to head office and he refused to give me his name.
After 3 times on the phone with customer services they told me to go back to the store and speak to the Area manager on a certain date, The area manager knew nothing about emails or phone calls to customer services and I also found out that the person who I spoke to on the day of returning my item was not a manager.
I received a full refund but should not have to go through all this. Never again!!, No apology!! no investigation into workers pretending to be managers!! and no interest in my complaint!! NO Communication!!
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