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This should get no stars.

I swear I will never use Streetshirts again and have already tweeted my followers and Facebooked my friends to never use them either.

Bunch of money-grabbing incompetents with SHOCKING customer service.

1) Oct: They print 3 tshirts I carefully designed for my hubby and 2 boys (Christmas presents) woefully badly: wrong scale, wrong logo positioning (on the belly, not the chest?!?!) and badly misregistered colours. A monkey throwing ink at a cloth could have done these better.
2) Nov/Dec: I leave 3 phone messages, speak to one girl twice and send 2 emails asking for a reprint (Nov), and having had no response, another email asking for a refund (Dec).
3) End Dec: Finally after the THIRD conversation (I had to call again) I get emailed a returns form. 10 working days to refund and "We will contact you when we receive the tshirts"
4) 31 Jan I call up AGAIN. "Where's my refund?" The guy finds my return slip. "Why hasn't it been processed?" "We have a backlog, but I'll do it now and you'll get your money in 3 days"


I'm beyond expecting an apology for this shocking treatment. Words fail me. I am beyond apoplectic with rage. Streetshirts are the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with in my entire life.

Don't believe the good reviews - most are from the US and the other from Leeds - home of Streetshirts (and she's probably an employee). Also 99% of these positive reviews are from people who have not written ANY other reviews on any other companies. Friends of Streetshirts I would guess, with made-up accounts 'in the US'.
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    Reply from Streetshirts

    Hi there,

    Firstly we would like to address that we do ship our products globally on a daily basis. With regards to your experience with us, we apologise profusely and would like to state that is was simply an unusual dip in standards which has now been rectified. We are now back on track operating at high standards meeting global needs for personalised t-shirts.

    Kind regards,
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