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Avid user but no longer

I used streetshirts a lot, but on one occasion three months ago, I submitted my custom design, received a confirmation of order, but nothing arrived.
Fair enough. My order was lost within the system. These things happen, right?

I wrote to them explaining the issue a week later, but I haven't received an acknowledgement of email receipt.
Fair enough. My email was probably lost within their inbox. These things happen, right?

I wrote a second time (two weeks after I submitted my order), informing them about the issue. Still nothing.
No fair enough this time. Not even a 'Oops, sorry. Here is a refund, and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.' email. I didn't care about the t-shirt anymore. Time had passed, and I didn't require it any longer. All I wanted was a piece of communication that acknowledged I exist.

I wrote a third time, a month after I submitted my order, asking for a response.
Still nothing.

I wrote to them a final time, 1.5 months after I submitted my order, and still nothing. I do not exist to them. My order is insignificant to them.

Suffice to say, I won't make this mistake twice. Not trustworthy enough. Their system is not capable to generate a certain amount of orders. I will use another supplier that has the decency to communicate, and deliver on what they promise.
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    Reply from Streetshirts

    Hi Dairmuid,

    We would like to emphasise that every order is important to us and we do acknowledge our customers. We weren't running like usual around the time of your troubled order, it wasn't normal for our standards. However we are back on track meeting dispatch dates and resolving any issue through customer service.

    Kind regards,
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