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What service is Sucsez actually providing?

As a student at TU Delft, you are offered a dutch insurance through Sucsez. What you are not directly told, is that Sucsez is nothing but a proxy company selling insurances from other providers, such as OOM. I recently had an accident at a vacation, and when I called Sucsez to get help, they told me to call OOM - refusing any kind of responsibility or service. OOM noticed i was not a direct client of theirs - wanting me to call Sucsez for more information. Making me sit in a hotel room with a broken leg, without any knowledge on what to do.

Now, after personally paying for taxi, train and flight home as well as medicine and crutches i am trying to figure out what service Sucsez actually is providing me a part from sending me mail and bills. The lady on the phone could not tell me what service they are providing, and why i should not just buy my insurance directly from OOM.
What kind of company is that, and why on earth should i be a client of Sucsez? I am just wondering.

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Alliance with SUCSEZ guarantees professional advice
TU Delft has signed an agreement with independent insurance consultants (SUC)SEZ B.V. that enables you to consult them for insurance-related advice and information, even if you are not insured via TU Delft.

The agreement endorses the importance that TU Delft attaches to good service and clear communication about the collective healthcare insurance. As an independent healthcare insurance broker, SUCSEZ is better placed to provide that than anyone else! They work closely with almost all major healthcare insurance companies, always operating as a critical partner. As the link between you and your healthcare insurance company, SUCSEZ gives you quick and immediate access to all the information you need on policy conditions, cover, making claims and healthcare providers.

Who is SUCSEZ?
SUCSEZ is an independent broker for business and private insurance. They operate as proactive intermediaries for a wide range of different insurance policies.

What you can expect from SUCSEZ:
A rapid response to your questions about healthcare insurance (about claims, reimbursement, etc.).
Advisers will be happy to help if you have doubts about your choice of healthcare insurance package.
Even if you do not take advantage of your employer's collective healthcare insurance, you can still call on the services of SUCSEZ.
Every three years, SUCSEZ compares the conditions and premiums of your collective healthcare insurance with the specific requirements and wishes that you, your colleagues and your employer have.
A unique comparison module developed by SUCSEZ to compare premiums and conditions helps you to choose the most appropriate healthcare insurance policy from the range offered by TU Delft.
On request, SUCSEZ will provide you and your colleagues with helpful presentations on the basic insurance package and the comparison module.
Every Friday from 9.00-12.00, there is a special advice surgery at TU Delft (building 30A, CIO desk) where you can put any questions you have about your healthcare insurance in person to SUCSEZ.

Advice surgery
The (SUC)SEZ insurance adviser is available for questions and holds an advice surgery every Friday from 9.00 - 12.00. After making an appointment,* you can report to the CIO desk, building 30a. You may submit your questions by telephone or e-mail. Further information about the insurance adviser is available at:

Advice surgery details:
Telephone: +31 (0)182 304 488 Details

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