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A badly organized company, with serious dispatch issues

I placed an order Sunday the 20th of January, and today Thursday the 24th the parcel haven't even gotten dispatched. I've spoken on the phone with the customer service five times, but nothing is happening.

Yesterday, I was told that my package should be upgraded and put on a priority list - which sounded great - but when I spoke to customer service today, they stated the same thing. This makes me wonder what an "upgrade" and "priority" means in this company, since the ones that was made yesterday seem to have disappeared today? Why would my order need to be upgraded twice?

Since I'm going backpacking for three months, starting next Friday (1st of February), there really is no point for me getting my parcel any later than Thursday the 31st. When I placed my order, there was 9 working days left and I figured that would be just about enough time. But now, nearly one week have passed and Surfdome still hasn't managed to send my package away from the warehouse. Curious, since the order I placed at at the same time, was dispatched the day after.

This company really needs to figure their system out, and do some serious improvement. The staff at customer service is very friendly and kind, but to me it seems that what's happening at the warehouse is out of their control. There is really nothing they can do, except for this "upgrading" - that clearly has no real value anyways.

I really wish I had googled this company before ordering - it seems that many others have experienced similar things. It just sucks when you spend over 100 pounds, and they just go to waste.
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    Reply from

    Hi Beata,

    We apologise for any delay with your order.

    This order will be dispatched via FedEx today and should be with you on Monday or Tuesday.

    We are a young company and are still learning but are always grateful for Customer feed back. We have recently implemented a new system which should help improve on dispacth times for all our customers.

    Once again sorry for any delay.

    Kind regards

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