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I have been shopping online for more than 10 years and NEVER I have found WORST COMPANY than this.
The website looks cool and fancy, also they add a FREE DELIVERY which invite you to choose this store to do your shopping.
The headeache start in the moment you have paid an you ask for a tracking number to follow your parcel. Which PROFESSIONAL company send INTERNATIONAL parcels with out reference number??? It seems unbelievable for a SERIOUS onlinestore. Then they tell you NO WORRY in 7-10 SHOULD be there, if not ASK TO YOUR NEIGHBOURS!!! sorry??? Am I the customer?? But the best pasrt arrive when they say...lets go wait 25 DAYS from the delivery date and we will contact with Royal Mail.
Again UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY with the worst service ever and definetly a good Designer.

Albert Larrotcha
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