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Not fab

Returned a dress no probs, with the collect+ service. Arrived back at them quick and they processed the refund.

And here is the problem. I paid via paypal and the refund is on hold. It will be like this for about 7-10 days because they do not hold any funds on paypal, or they have a poor record. Means a customer has to wait a long, unacceptable time for a refund.


Actually it is. Sorry. There are a couple of monetary reasons why a temporary hold is placed on a refund. One is that they want to make sure that my own payment was cleared before you issued a refund. As this was done (the order was done 12 days prior to refund), then the only issue would be surfdome's end. This is either because of the reasons stated above. If Surdome had money in the account (rather than draw from a bank) then the money would've been returned withing a couple of hours. If the money is drawn from a bank account, then the refund is treated more like a e-cheque, and it takes several days for it to be sorted. I know this for a few reasons - I once refunded someone after I'd emptied my paypal account and it took over a week for them to get the money, and also, it's common knowledge and can be found on paypal's terms and conditions. If there is plenty of money in Surdome's paypal account then the temporary hold will be placed for other reasons, ie - a new company or too many disputes etc. I have never had a delay placed on a paypal refund from an online store before, it has always been instant but I guess they ran things differently.. You should also make it very clear that refunds will take several days when purchasing. I telephoned a couple of days to talk about this, but the chap I spoke to did not understand me, and I gave up trying to figure out the reason why it was delayed. He said that it can take a long time to be refunded at the end of the call and that was the only thing he could say on the matter.
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    Thank you for your review. We have looked into your concerns and confirm that it appears that a spot check was instigated to check the refund transaction was accurate. We receive many payments by Pay Pal each day and refunds are normally processed quickly. We are sorry yours was delayed on this occasion. We are confident if you order again that this will not happen a 2nd time.

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