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Still no goods OR refund after 7 emails

I ordered 7 swiss army knives for the Ushers, Dads and bestman for our wedding at the cost of £144. At first contact was great.Helpful and eager to please.
Then The goods didn't arrive when they said. I contacted the company and they assured me they would make another order and claim back the insurance on the first order from the post office. Since then I have heard nothing. No response to my 7 emails, which started off nice but the last one I sent I told them I would report them to trading standards and take the action further. Still nothing. I have now been in touch with my bank's fraud department as I feel that is exactly what it is. We are on a tight budget for the wedding and now tight time frame (ordered them 5 weeks ago) and they have stolen my money. If I do not get a refund or products I am also thinking of reporting it to the Police and getting a crime number. My bank is fairly postive that I will get my money back as luckily I paid by visa debit but it will take a long time and I cannot afford to order more presents until that time.
I don't understand why I was getting replies after an hour at first and now nothing.
The phone number given in one of the other reviews goes to answer phone.
I think if you have paid by visa or visa debit you will receive your money back eventually.
Trading standards do have a website where you can give information about a scam or fraud. I suggest those people unhappy do this as well.
Phil another unhappy customer contact me with the details of the supplier and found that they were not very happy about the reviews that they have been getting. I contacted the company on Friday to let them know that I have received no products from their dealer and got a phone call today with excuses of emails being blocked etc. However they have said they are rushing an order through ( I don't call 5 weeks rushing!) and that they will be with me on thursday so we shall see. It certainly seems like they do not want to annoy their supplier any more.
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