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Some good contract deals, but Very poor customer support.

Having been a customer with T Mobile UK for over a year I decided to end the contract early, as there was better deals on the market.

I duly paid the remainder of the contract on two handsets and £60 to get the unlock codes for the two handsets, this is when my woes really started.

Codes were requested in 18th Dec 2012, heard nothing from them so contacted them on 13th Feb 2013 got told some mistake had happened and the codes were not ordered.

Still hadn't heard by 8 March so called again, most apologetic will get it sorted.

11 Apr comes round and still no codes, phone again got told there has been some mix up again, promised it will be dealt with, I wanted to talk to supervisor and was told none are available, one would phone back. They never did.

14 Apr receive email from them with one unlocking code, ffs what do I have to do??

Left it until 10th Jun before contacting them again as work had prevented me from keeping on at them, was told that they we sorry but there seems to be some problem again, by now I'm furious and want to talk to supervisor, none available, no call back either despite it being promised.

Call again 18th June as have not received a call yet from the elusive supervisor, after a long call with customer support, I am promised a code within 24hrs, believe it when I see it.

Supervisor did call back after a few hours but wasn't prepared to even admit blame on their part and would not offer a refund on the unlock code that I have not received, never mind all the cost of the calls to the customer services trying to get the issue resolved or the depreciation of the handset.

After this carry on I would never use T mobile again, and would advise others to pay heed to the overall rating that T Mobile has received, its low for a reason.
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