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service & support back up is atrocious & can any of them speak clear english to a deaf person? Seems not!

I joined in January 2012 as it seemed the best deal available according to the searches I did before moving to my new address.
(Previously I was with Virgin for many years at my old address but to take advantage of best deals with them you need to have TV included, which they couldn't supply in the area I moved to.)
Initially all seemed okay with Talk Talk & my only issue was that they started my phone connection a week before I moved in .. an issue that was never resolved.
Ever since receiving the wireless router & setting it up as per the recommendations Talk Talk present in the package, the internet connection has been dropping out intermittently. It was reported but I was told there's no problem with the line & so I put the problem down to atmospheric interference.
Recently the problem became more frequent, until finally it was occurring daily and now several times a day. I phoned the helpline and wasted an hour of my time trying to understand someone whose accent made his english unclear .. (I'm deafened and use specially amplified phones). I was then told I would get a call back today between 8 & 10am. Meantime I disconnected all the wiring from the router and micro filter and discovered the ADSL cable when in plugged in can come out approx 2mm from the connection on both the router and the micro filter but if I push it back it will reconnect to the internet.
I finally got my call back this morning almost an hour late .. just before 11am. In the process of going through security checks I was cut off. I rang back and despite telling the operator everything he needed to know he commenced asking me questions I had already given answers to. Turns out they have a script they have to read from. They then tested the line and I called back afterwards rather than wait for a technician to ring tomorrow. Upon my call back I was told there was no problem with the line. I told them I already knew that and I had told them already what the problem is and that obviously I was sent faulty equipment in the first place when I joined Talk Talk.
Their suggestion was to use a piece of paper to ensure the connection doesn't come loose. I repeated that the cable is obviously faulty and should be replaced but they say Talk Talk don't replace cables. They would consider sending out a whole new router if I monitor how often the internet drops out over the next 48 hours.
Er hello I use the internet for a primary purpose: keeping in contact with my family overseas, my mother is elderly and unwell and don't want another 48 hours of hassling with this internet problem. I've used an elastic band to hold the connection in place but the issue remains, I was given faulty equipment and I have had poor support from Talk Talk! Nearly an entire day of my life has been wasted trying to deal with them!!
End of contract coming up .. time to change provider :)
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