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Couldn't Care Less

I reported a fault on my landline using their online fault service. They checked the line - or pretended to - and said that they could t find a fault. It then said that the 'incident was closed', even though nothing had been resolved and my line was still dead.
I was given a number to ring 'if I wanted to pursue the matter further'. If! And yes, of course, when I rang the number I just got the usual unintelligible 'customer services' who had no idea about the problem and seemed to have no idea what to do.
Since I'd been forced to phone them on my mobile the last thing I wanted was a lengthy call full of repetition and when the guy wanted to put me on hold I explained that I didn't have enough credit on the phone for that. He still insisted on putting me on hold and that's when I hung up.
Now I'm without a landline and the attitude from Talktalk is that they really couldn't give a damn.
I won't be renewing my contract with them next month. After four years with them this is the final straw.
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