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17 july 2013
Talk talk
called at 1:25pm
1st person Tom
transferred me to
2nd person karin (south africa)
1:46pm transferred me to
3rd person jas (manilla)
4th person laren manager (manilla) hung up
5th person randeep (south africa)
6th person seb threatens to hang up when I have asked to speak to manager and he starts ordering me to listen to him dispite im the customer seb hung up at 2:20pm
7th person amy 2:30pm
8th person edwin 2:33 pm

called head office 02034171000
tolded switch board what happened and my issues then i spoke to the
9th person CEO's adviser haylee @ 2:45pm who was the best person i have spoken to ever with in this company of looses . (made complaints )

18th july
spoke to some adviser because my dad received a call from talk talk they refused to look in to my dad's account even though i have been given permission she put me through to Tatha padey (so called cust service manager colcutta)
he starts making masturbating noises on the phone whilst im talking to him about the issue he refused to help so i called head office again on my mobile spoke to Haylee again who helped me again with my issue and i kept Tatha on the other line so he knew i called in the middle of the call Tatha hung up and called my other mobile and he spoke to head office himself and i complained about him after dealing with head office he would not transfer me to cancellations or sales or any one he just kept saying call head office they will help you so i kept that fool on the phone for an hour just to waste talk talks money and time.
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