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Lying Sales Reps, Rude Sales Managers, Awful Customer Service, Terrible Complaints Procedure. AVOID!!

Ordered a Large SIM Only Plan on the phone through sales department was promised a promotional of double data received the welcome pack which stated only 2GB Data.

Called sales again spoke to "John" he advised to cancel that contract and sign a new contract through him as the previous one was not processed correctly, he repeatedly re-assured me that the welcome pack would be amended and the new sim card would be sent to me along with a welcome pack that states 4GB Data instead of two.

1 week later I received the "new" SIM card & Welcome pack to my surprise the welcome pack was not amended as the representative had falsely claimed. So i now have two welcome packs exactly the same but according to John the first one "wasn't processed correctly!"

I contacted the sales team today and asked to speak to "John" apparently there is no John!

I asked to speak to the team leader or Sales Manager, the sales representative was hesitant but eventually put me through to the rude Sales Manager "Liam".

"Liam" did not let me explain my frustration and kept speaking over me and claimed that we don't manually amend welcome packs, I stressed that the sales rep assured me that this would be done and made me sign a new contract by making me believe that the first one was not processed correctly and thus increasing his own sales figures for the month!

"Liam" went on to confirm that indeed the first one wasn't processed correctly even though they were both produced exactly the same. So who do I believe? Rude Sales Manager "Liam" or Deceiving Sales Rep "John" (if any of them exist)

"Liam" Also confirmed that it will only show up on MyAccount online, I told him its not showing up there either, I was put on hold then told it would show up in 14 days. (Can anyone get this right?)

Rather than putting me through the process of signing up to a new contract and lying about sending me an amended welcome pack and waiting for another 10 days shouldn't have Deceiving Sales Rep "John" just sent me an amended welcome pack? Or an email confirmation?

If this is how TalkTalk is going to deal with newcomers how do they deal with existing customers (I've been with TalkTalk 4 years, TERRIBLE)

I’ve spent 4 hours of my life on the phone bounced between departments only then was I able to file a complaint (reference number 1-000001-254696-0) which I wasn't to receive a copy of and when read out to me didn't contain half of the Information I called to complain about. When I asked to add more details to the complaint I was told sorry the complaint can’t be edited anymore and I will have to file a second complaint. What a joke!

I've been promised an amended welcome pack and the call has been recorded (for quality and training purposes) I still have the right to demand for one or a formal written apology from the "Rude Sales Manager", How difficult can it be?

I don't want to even think about what the mobile service is like knowing what I've been through and previously with my Broadband and Landline.

The Internet, Review Sites, Blogs, Forums and Consumer Action boards are piled with pages of complaints about this bad customer service. This will only be added the TalkTalk wall of shame.
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