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Extremely poor customer service, unreliable broadband

It's all in the one-liner. Broadband is unreliable. When you are finally out of contract you have to jump through hoops to cancel. Stay well away from them!

I used to have Virgin and they were much better.

Update 3 weeks later:
Oooh how it's been going on and on and on...
They cut off my line and wifi THE DAY AFTER I called to give my month's notice.
Cue endless calls, emails, and finally got someone to reply to me via Twitter. Close to a month later (I'm moving next week), nothing has been fixed and I "cannot get a refund because the cause of the problem is unknown".
Really? Well I know the cause: you're incompetent and would rather go to court than pay a penny to you - for the service I absolutely did not get: no internet, no phone and no customer service!

I wish I could give zero as a rating.

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