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We are Hackers / Terrorists (According to Talk Talk)

Myself and my partner went with talktalk with their value for money. and that was the biggest mistake ever.. we previously had tiscali and loved the vast amount of on demand channels films/music/entertainment. So when we asked the sales rep he said everything pretty much still on there just under different names and the TV service is all singing and all dancing, we are able to access a "massive" library of on demand tv and movies at no extra cost but we can get add ons like box office movies and picture box which was expected really and out broadband is going to be roughly 8mb line so would be roughly receiving 500-1mb download speed.
Upon our go live date. we still had no services phone/broadband so i had to call them off my mobile racking up an extra £50 on my bill for them to say there a problem with it they will "turn it on now"... So i asked them if i will be compensated for the extra on my bill. They informed me they will refund it (which we never saw).

We was expecting our delivery of the Talk talk (youview) box a few days later than our go live date. we had a slip through the door to say it had been an attempted delivery so we contacted the customer services to talk talk to possibly arrange another delivery..... So the rep i was speaking to had not got a clue what she was talking about. started talking about wait for it to be delivered then return it so we can send another out. then went onto our contract being cancelled and re-issuing.

We got our TV (Youview box) package eventually. to find out we just have basic freeview (no HD) and that if we wanted these extra channels we would have to upgrade our broadband to fibre optic because my line couldn't handle being connected to my youview box and the PC at the same time. So basically we was miss sold our TV package. we reported this aswell and never received anything from them.

We then had issues appointing myself on the account, as the account is in my partners name. We contact 1st time they informed us for my partner just to give voice authorisation for me to speak but still wouldn't speak to me. 2nd time we set up a password on the account and wouldn't speak to me. and then finally the woman i spoke to said my partner would need to send talk talk a power of authority letter. giving me full rights to the account. Myself personally ive never really heard this happen.

We started getting some issues with broadband speed and being randomly being disconnected. we filed a error with talk talk to explain to them the fault. they said there is no fault on the line, i explained to them that there is as im currently connected at a line speed of 109 KBPS and a ping of 1393. after refusing to accept there is a fault they called back the day later to say they have noticed a fault on my line.. and it seems to be happening when someone calls my landline or if i make any outbound calls on landline. i explained to talk talk that if they needed to speak to me in regards to the fault they need to call me on my mobile as im working all day.

Regardless of this i still received no calls from them until i got home to 7-8 missed calls on my landline and 7-8 voice mails throughout the day. Two months later they had still not fixed the issue with my broadband.

Talk talk rang up one evening explaining they have fixed the fault on my line. so with computer knowledge i asked what was up with it?.... he replied with "yes ive fixed it for you now".... so i said yes great so again..... what was up with it? why was there a fault... he said again.... yes i've fixed it... this went on for about 3 minutes... then another guy took over the call (the manager) said sorry he hasnt fixed it we will carry on looking at it.

Finally we get to the final nail in the coffin with Talk talk.
Had a call one evening from a talk talk representative. asked for my name and password as per usual but as the landline battery was dying i asked if they could call me on my mobile which they did without me having to give it them. then he informed me that it was regarding the fault we reported, and asked if i could install teamviewer on my PC. we reluctantly said ok... then the rep asked us to go to cmd and check ipconfig etc.. and said he was refreshing our I,P as it seems we have been hacked etc. so this instantly raised my suspicions. as the same time we was on the phone to this technical help team. talk talk started calling on the land line again. but as we still had a fault with broadband it cut teamviewer off and our internet.

Talktalk then started asking why we had left. we explained that they was calling on our landline. so they asked us to re establish the connection etc. and send them an error report. which i do not receive being on windows 7 when i started asking why he needs this info and what does he plan to gain by doing what he is doing the call disconnected.

3-4 minutes later he called back up again on the landline and it was a different guy saying his colleague just called. and we will be carrying on the call and said we need to establish the connection again. we informed him that we cannot if he is on the home phone to us as it cuts off our internet. he started getting a little irate about this.. Then went onto saying our i.p is still being hacked, and is very suspicious of us being hackers, in exclamation demanded to ask what he means... he said "With all the goings on with the terrorists and bombings and 9/11" and that we need to get this issue resolved asap. so with me in total shock with what he just said i asked what does my i,p address got to do with all this... he started shouting and raising his voice. saying we are not trying to co operate with him and said he is going to report us to police and cancel our contract because we are hackers/terrorists.

After all this anyway.. a chap said he will cancel our contract without any charges or early termination fee's. But did have the audacity to ask if we would ever consider talk talk again or recommend to a friend.

Calls was recorded and are available.
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